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Month: June 2016

Fixing loud and clicky iPhone 6s home button

I bought a new iPhone 6s last month to replace my old trusty iPhone 5. Everything went fine and dandy as I’m enjoying the blazing speed of the latest iPhone hardware.

This morning I noticed my iPhone home button was very clicky and hard to press. The clicking sound was loud, even though it’s functioning properly. I had to apply twice as pressure to return to home screen, which annoyed me. To make sure if I am the only one who is having the problem, I tested my wife iPhone 6s home button. As expected, hers is working as expected.

Afraid that I will break the home button sooner or later, I contacted Apple support. After 15 minutes talking over online support chat, they arranged me an appointment to nearest Apple Authorized Service Center, which is Machines IOI Mall Putrajaya. At the same time, I searched on the Internet if there’s any quick solution to fix the problem. Last time when I owned iPhone 3Gs, the quick fix is to ‘rub’ and ‘massage’ the home button.

I stumbled on one Youtube video asking the viewer if they have a solution to mend the issue, and there is one comment saying that you can fix the clicky issue by applying rubbing alcohol throughout the ring of the home button using tissue or cotton bud. Being adventurous, I followed the advice and it’s working!



Other than cleaning your open wound from a bear attack, it also can save your iPhone home button.

So what needs to be done.

  1. Turn off your iPhone.
  2. Dip a tissue or cotton bud rubbing alcohol (isopropyl or ethanol)
  3. Press and hold your home button.
  4. Rub the tissue or cotton bud around the home button. Let it dry for a moment.
  5. Test your home button again.

If it’s still not working, I assume your home button flex ribbon was broken, and I advise you to contact Apple Support to arrange a proper hardware replacement schedule.

If it’s working, do share your experience in the comment section.

Until tomorrow.


Misteri di PARAM (Pasar Ramadhan)

Tadi aku tengah beratur nak beli Ayam Bob dekat PARAM Puncak Jalil ni. Tengah syok-syok beratur tiba-tiba aku rasa ada tiupan angin lembut dekat lengan kanan aku ni. Nak kata petang tadi berangin tak jugak. Kalau angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa yang bertiup takkan la dia fokus kat satu tempat je, iaitu belah lengan kanan aku. Tiupan angin tu pendek, tapi konsisten setiap beberapa saat.

Tiba-tiba bulu roma aku meremang, orang kata kalau angin bertiup satu tempat ni tandanya ada langsuir sedang berjalan-jalan riadah berhampiran dengan aku. Tapi ni bulan puasa, mana datang hantu. Semua dah kena gari.

Pelan-pelan aku pusingkan kepala tengok belakang kanan aku.

Rupanya ada budak besar dalam darjah empat syok tiup lengan aku sampai dia tak perasan yang aku tengah tengok dia.

Jadi sepanjang perjalanan balik rumah tadi aku termangu memikirkan peristiwa petang tadi sampai kena hon dengan kereta belakang sebab lampu isyarat dah hijau.

Aku rasa misteri ni memang takkan terjawab sampai raya pertama.

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