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Month: May 2018

Malaysia Memilih 2018

Astro Awani now is my always-on channel post general election 2018, and I can’t stop sticking my nose in front of the television or live stream. If I were on the outside, their Twitter is my victim of constant refreshing.

There are/were too many interesting discussions, topics and on the go analysis between panels related to future government policy encompassing from expenditures, education, media freedom and transparent governance.

Yesterday, there was a dialogue between Dr Maszlee Malik (Newly appointed Education Minister) and Liew Chin Tong (DAP Political Education Director) discussing race and religion segregation in education. Also – they are looking forward to revamping the current system by creating a model based on United Kingdom educational models where they encourage parents to actively participate in teaching/learning activities in classrooms which is severely lacking at this moment.

I tried to find the programme recording on the Youtube but not available at this time. I’ll update my post once Awani uploaded it on the internet.

Selamat berpuasa folks!

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