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USB Tethering without iTunes

For god-knows reason, sometimes Wifi tethering doesn’t work so another choice is to tether over USB cable. But you don’t want to install bloated iTunes in your computer. You may try this alternative to enable USB tethering without iTunes.

Install these two files in a given order (Important, or else it won’t work)

a) AppleApplicationSupport.msi

b) AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi

2. Plug your iPhone to the USB cable and enable USB tethering. Voila!

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  1. Thanks man. Apple is an idiot for requiring this shit to be able to tether. (Android just runs fine, i regret getting an iphone sometimes)

    • P P

      you are absolutely right bro. I also regret getting an iphone (it’s not sometimes for me; it’s most of the times) due to the stubbornness in accessibility.

      • da da

        Thats a big no shit … can’t believe I can actually make calls to a android user ( apple Will fix that soon enough I never should I open my mouth )

  2. Sv. Broholm Sv. Broholm

    Clear, short description.
    Only a few operations – and it works immediately !

  3. TomM TomM

    Excellent solution – iphone hotspot constantly dropping off over wifi – unable to download iTunes (too bloody big anyway). Thank you very much!

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