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Perth 2016 (Part 1)

Sometime in January, I was sitting in my office, writing some codes and reading a lot of Sharepoint documents, feeling a little worse for wear due to work.

Suddenly, Azim dropped me a message on Telegram saying that there is a promotion on AirAsia that I might want to take a look. Not knowing what else to do, I logged to AirAsia. Azim told me he already booked the tickets for his family to Perth. Intrigued, as we’ve never been to Australia before, I asked my wife if she’s okay with that. She gave a green light, so I proceeded to book the tickets according to September school holiday. We didn’t put much thought on it, just randomly select whenever convenient date available. After I’ve completed the checkout, we realised that we picked Eid-Adha holiday week in Perth. Of course, we need to justify ourselves to Dengkil family as traditionally we will pay them a visit every Eid-Adha. Fortunately, they were okay with that.

Adieu Malaysia. See you next week!

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Perth is not a prime destination for first-timer to visit Australia. A lot of friends preferred Melbourne or Sydney instead of Perth. One of the deciding factor why we picked Perth is the ticket price itself. While it was MYR 500 cheaper than Melbourne, it was an easy decision. While we are working the itinerary, I was doubtful when people on Tripadvisor suggested that there’s nothing much to do in Perth, but I was wrong. It was rather an enjoyable trip with plenty places to visit. Perth quickly emerged as one of favourite destination to come.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ll start with the itinerary soon.

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